We believe it is imperative to educate our students about wise use of resources, from energy and water consumption to sustaining healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

Credo has partnered with Bioregional, a worldwide nonprofit headquartered in London that develops One Planet Communities on six continents–including SOMO Village in Rohnert Park, California. Credo is a One Planet School and we have developed a comprehensive One Planet Action Plan, which details the actions the school will take, across all ten One Planet principles, to reach One Planet Living. This includes supporting our students to protect the planet, minimising our own impact on the environment and spreading the message of One Planet Living into our local community.

The plan is structured by actions to be taken in the curriculum, on campus, and in the local community. It includes: 

  • Health and happiness: ensuring the curriculum values the diversity of individual ways of learning and gives students the opportunity to develop not just intellectually, but physically, spiritually and socially
  • Equity and local economy: Provide a free and equitable education experience to all students attending Credo, ensuring activities, meal programs and trips are accessible to all students especially those coming from under-served communities
  • Land and nature: Host at least four events throughout each that bring the community together to participate in taking care of our surrounding land and native wildlife
  • Zero waste: Send less than 2% of waste by weight to landfill by 2020
  • Zero carbon: 100% of energy consumed is supplied by non-polluting renewable energy generated onsite.

Read Credo’s One Planet Action Plan here: