Our mission is to offer a college preparatory high school program that: continues the education of students from the North Bay’s Alliance for Public Waldorf Education grade schools; is committed to the core principles of Public Waldorf education; and teaches and models social, environmental, agricultural, economic and personal sustainability.


In Latin, “credo” means “I believe.”  We believe in:

  • The wisdom of youth
  • The pursuit of truth, peace, and love
  • The value of creative expression and academic preparedness
  • The interdependency of all life
  • The practice of sustainability as a means to respect all life
  • Leadership inspired by the highest good
  • Practicing authenticity
  • Welcoming responsibility
  • Translating intentions into action
  • Aligning individual capacities in service to others
  • Engaging with and supporting our local community
  • Developing ourselves as global citizens
  • Taking risks that can yield learning and expansion
  • Sharing our successes
  • Celebrating our achievements

Laura Bussey

College Counselor

“Credo students are thoughtful, intelligent young people who impress the college reps who have come to our campus as far more informed, engaged and engaging than most teenagers they meet. Many reps told me that the caliber of our students was the reason they prioritized a visit to our small school. I’ve often said that the best college search is one that includes a lot of self-reflection. Students didn’t just make a list of bumper sticker colleges; they looked more deeply at both themselves and the schools to craft a genuinely suitable list.”