Credo Outside the Classroom

A core foundation to Waldorf education and Credo’s ethos is that great learning and community building happens when students are placed in an immersive experience with nature. 

Credo offers two seminal Adventure Learning trips in 9th Grade as they are entering the community and beginning their journey in building relationships and again in 12th Grade as they prepare to leave the community and enter the world as initiated adults. Both trips center around a Rites of Passage philosophy, which holds that humans are more likely to develop and maintain a sense of belonging and purpose when large life moments are intentionally marked and honored. Credo is proud to collaborate with Weaving Earth, a local organization focused on nature-based education for action at the confluence of ecological, social, and personal systems change. 

To learn more about Weaving Earth, please visit their website

9th Grade Trip 

There is no mistaking that the transition from middle school to high school is a big step in anyone’s life. It is a time marked by significant personal growth, all while learning to navigate new terrain and new relationships. This new beginning is a time that deserves to be honored and celebrated! The transition into high school is an opportunity and a challenge that helps shape who we are, while laying the foundation for who we’re to become. 

The trip is filled with exciting, contemplative, and welcoming experiences that are designed to help get to know our classmates, ourselves, and the natural world around us. This excursion will complement and support a similar and more intensive trip for the senior class who are embarking on and preparing for their lives post high school. 

12th Grade Trip

The Senior Trip marks the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood – a huge transition for student and families alike! We believe that giving graduating seniors the opportunity to intentionally recognize this monumental shift will foster a healthy transition into their next chapter and beyond. 


The trip centers around the following values:

  • to honor and celebrate the significant transition out of high school in a meaningful way.
  • to offer the seniors an opportunity to celebrate together as a class.
  • to offer an experience of connection with nature as the foundation of our work. 

The experience will center around honoring the transition out of high school into young adulthood, while weaving in elements of Weaving Earth’s Relational Education pedagogy, and being sure to have a great time.