Credo Graduation Requirements

The University of California has developed what is called their ‘a-g” list, using the alphabet to track the required number of courses in different content areas. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better to have course credit recognized by the universities. Credo’s graduation requirements meet, and in some cases, exceed the application requirements for the University of California and California State University systems.

Credo’s graduation requirements meet, and in some cases exceed, U.C. a-g requirements.



30 Credits are required in the following areas:

U.S. History 10 credits

American Government 5 credits

Economics 5 credits

World History 10 credits

Four years or 40 credits

4 years or 40 credits

Credo students are enrolled in 4 years of integrated science earning earning 40 credits. The minimum U.C. requirement is 20 credits.

30 Credits and Level 3. Four years and 40 credits are recommended.

20 Credits including two years of art and three years of music.

10 Credits from a-f courses.

20 Credits

20 hours per year in grades 9 – 11. 

65 hours over two dedicated weeks in the spring of senior year.

Completion of a year-long project with a minimum of 85 hours invested and a presentation in the spring of senior year.

Twelfth grade students are enrolled in a senior portrait course in which they complete a self-portrait in either clay or oil paint.