Credo's Statement against Racism

Credo High, a public Waldorf school, recognizes the historic and ongoing impact of racism and the injustice and discrimination faced by BIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color). The pursuit of racial justice is a journey of both moral and educational imperative. We are, therefore, committed to embedding anti-racism and a stance of social justice in all our undertakings. As members of this institution, we aim to provide an inclusive education that acknowledges and embraces diversity, recognizes injustices past and present, and inspires all community members to be positive agents of social renewal.
Waldorf education, as Rudolf Steiner envisioned it, is an encompassing philosophy that fosters a sense of curiosity, imagination, confidence, and connection in its students. However, there are statements in Steiner’s work that fail to live up to the Waldorf principle of treating each individual human being with reverence and love. These statements, inherently racist or anti-Semitic, are antithetical to Waldorf’s humanist values, and we reject them unambiguously. We also assert that the value of Waldorf education far supersedes the problematic ideas of its founder.
Social justice inherently aligns with the core values of Waldorf education, and we trust that the philosophy is cogent enough to adapt to 21st century reimaginings. It is our responsibility, as both Waldorf educators and human beings, to firmly condemn oppression in all its forms and collectively take up the pursuit of a more just future. Dynamics around the experiences and intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, class, and sexuality are ever-evolving, and Credo recognizes that this work necessitates ongoing humility, inquiry, reflection, and engagement. With the help of outside consultants and experts, we will continue to examine our biases individually, as a community, and within our culture at large.