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Throughout the Credo curriculum and culture lives an intention to prepare our students for college, and for college acceptance. Our curriculum ensures that Credo graduates will have met the course requirements for application to the University of California and our country’s other prestigious universities. We also ensure that our students have built a resume of extracurricular activities and a record of community service. We assist them in preparing college application essays in the first semester of twelfth grade, Senior Essay. We also educate and counsel students and families through the college search, application and financial aid processes.Beginning in the spring of tenth grade, Credo offers parents and students an informational evening that prepares them for the college research and application process, detailing the pacing of this process as it occurs through eleventh and twelfth grades. In eleventh and twelfth grades, there are group presentations for students and parents on specific topics, like financial aid, and ongoing individual meetings where Ms. Wuerthner helps students and parents identify colleges appropriate to students’ interests and abilities. In the fall of twelfth grade, students can elect to take a College Apps class to receive step by step instructions for completing online applications. 

Admissions officers from various colleges visit the Credo campus during student lunch hour and sometimes in the evenings for more formal presentations.

Practice examinations, like the PSAT and the PLAN, are offered on campus each fall.

The PDF below offers highlights of a financial aid presentation offered at Credo by Margaret Mann, Coordinator of Financial Aid & Outreach at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Financial Aid Highlights

Laura Bussey

Retired College Counselor

“I am happy to be quoted singing the praises of Credo students. They are thoughtful, intelligent young people who impress the college reps who have come to our campus as far more informed, engaged and engaging than most teenagers they meet. Many reps told me that the caliber of our students was the reason they prioritized a visit to our small school. I’ve often said that the best college search is one that includes a lot of self-reflection. That Credo students embraced this aspect of the search is one of many, many things that made my job a joy. Students didn’t just make a list of bumper sticker colleges; they looked more deeply at both themselves and the schools to craft a genuinely suitable list.”