About Credo High School

CREDO HIGH SCHOOL IS A PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL that is guided by the core principles Public Waldorf Education to deliver a college-prep program that ad­vances critical thinking, creativity, responsibility and initiative in public school students. Founded in 2011 to continue the education of­fered by our region’s six exemplary Alliance for Public Waldorf Education K-8 member schools, Credo is raising the bar for public high schools in Sonoma County—and establishing a repli­cable new model for public high schools nationwide.

We address our students as leaders of the future and help them to develop the capacities, compassion and values to address tomorrow’s challenges. Credo is a public high school that gives more, that asks for more, and that prepares its stu­dents to achieve more. 

Our rigorously academic Waldorf curriculum exceeds University of California ("a-g") admission requirements and includes a wide range of specialty subjects, including world languages, visual and practical arts, theater, music, social-emotional learning, movement, dance, physical education and biodynamic farming. Sports, clubs and extracurricular programs are a rich part of student life.

In recognition of the high quality of our academic program, the Univeristy of California has guaranteed admission to the top 9% of each Credo graduating class, and Sonoma State University has guaranteed admission to all Credo graduates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Credo is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

In early 2017, Credo will realize a long-held dream by moving to a permanent campus at SOMO Village in Rohnert Park, planned to be the model sustainable community for North America. Planned in conjunction with the international nonprofit, One Planet Communities, the 1900-home SOMO Village will meet rigorous sustainabiliy standards, including generating all energy on site with solar, zero waste and zero carbon use. Credo is becoming the world's first One Planet School. Read more below.

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One Planet Living

Credo to become the world's first One Planet Living school.

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Credo is Moving

At the beginning of 2017, Credo is moving down the road from our current campus to SOMO Village, planned to be the model sustainable community in North America.

Above is our architect's rendering of an interior commons of our new 50,000+ sq. ft. campus. With 1900 homes, including a 300-unit retirement community of the San Francisco Zen Center (including Green Gulch Farm and Greens Restaurant), SOMO is planned in partnership with the international nonprofit One Planet Communities.

One Planet advocates ten principles by which we can reduce consumption of resources, minimize negative environmental effects and maximize health and happiness. Credo is working closely with One Planet to become the world's first One Planet School. 

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