U.C. & C.S.U.

At Credo, we have established graduation requirements that exceed the University of California and California State University systems application requirements, known as their "A-G" list. Credo courses meeting the "A-G" requirements have been approved by the University of California. A list of approved courses can be found at https://doorways.ucop.edu.

Unlike most schools that teach a single science over the course of one academic year, at Credo we teach one section of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science each year for all four years. For example, Biology 1A is taught in ninth grade, Biology 1B is taught in tenth grade, Biology 1C is taught in eleventh grade, and Biology 1D is taught in twelfth grade. Together, these four section constitute one full year of Biology.

Likewise, World History 1A,B,C,D and World History 2A,B,C,D courses are taught over the course of more than one academic year.

English 9 A,B,C; English 10 A,B,C,D; English 11 A,B,C,D; and English 12 A,B,C,D take place over the course of three trimesters in one academic year. Sometimes there are multiple English courses in a single trimester.

For a detailed list of Credo course offerings by grade, see College-prep Academics under the Program button.