Twelfth Grade

Educate the powers of synthesis.

  • Senior year recapitulates the themes of the high school, as well as the Waldorf K-8 curriculum. In Senior Seminar, students are made conscious, for the first time, of the Waldorf developmental approach—of why they learned what they learned when they learned it.
  • Students examine the relationship of humanity with the world. Studying the Transcendentalists, they live with the thoughts of great writers who have questioned man’s place in the world.

  • Subjects synthesize many themes: World History, History through Architecture, Biomimicry and Senior Essay. Assignments call upon the students to synthesize disparate disciplines.

  • All students work with a mentor to present a senior project, including a comprehensive research paper, an oral presentation to the entire school community, and an artistic component involving a medium of their choice.

  • The objective of senior year is the synthesis of the K-12 education and preparation for the next stage in learning.

Our twelfth graders' school day begins at 8:40 with a daily 45-minute math class and a 45-minute music class (M,W,F) and a 45-minute movement class (T, Th). At 10:25, our twelfth graders being their 90-minute Morning Lesson period. There are eight four-week-long Morning Lesson Blocks in senior year plus an extended service learning trip in May.  In twelfth grade, the eight blocks are:

  1. Senior Essay Writing (for college applications)
  2. Environmental Science: Biomimicry (lab science)
  3. History through Architecture
  4. The Transcendentalists
  5. Biology: Zoology (lab science)
  6. Chemistry: Biochemistry (lab science)
  7. Physics: Light and Optics (lab science)
  8. Senior Play

Beyond Morning Lesson, all twelfth graders also study:

  • one trimester of Social Studies: Globalization
  • one trimester of Social Studies: World Cultures or
  • one trimester of science: Advanced Lab II
  • one trimester of Russian Literature and Faust
  • two trimesters of Senior Projects
  • three trimesters of Senior Seminar
  • three trimesters of Spanish or Mandarin
  • three trimesters of Math Concepts, Precalculus/Trigonometry or Calculus
  • three trimesters of Music (Orchestra, Choir, American Music or World Percussion)
  • three trimesters of Art (six weeks each of Oil Painting, Architectural Design, Sculpture, Advanced Crafts, and Farming)
  • three trimesters of Social Sustainability
  • three half-trimesters of Personal Sustainability
  • three trimesters of PE (three one-hour periods per week)

In May of their twelfth grade year, Credo seniors spend three weeks in community service, living in a community away from the familiarity of home. The result is often that they are seen in a new way and therefore see themselves differently, too—hopefully as competent, valuable and contributing young adults ready to find their next place in the world.

Credo seniors and their class guides spend the final week before graduation in off-campus retreat, sharing appreciations and concluding their four years together with consciousness and intention.