Template for Asking for Financial Support

Template for asking for financial support for Credo’s new campus




You may know that (my child) has been attending Credo High School, a public Waldorf, college-prep school. Credo was founded in 2011 with the focused mission to thoroughly prepare our youth for the many environmental, economic and social challenges that will await them as adult leaders.  


I’m writing to ask you to please join me in making a significant, tax-deductible gift, in support of Credo’s exciting new home. Your support benefits an ongoing stream of youth who will be exceptionally prepared to effect positive change in our world. The time is now and the need is urgent. Our school is on track to make a significant difference, and we need your help.


ABOUT CREDO HIGH: Regarding our students as leaders of the future informs all aspects of Credo’s curriculum—which includes college-prep academics, four years of farming and sustainability education, art and music, global studies, Mandarin and Spanish instruction, foreign exchange opportunities, and a comprehensive social-emotional program. All of Credo graduates will have met the admission requirements for the University of California—vs. only 30% of public high school grads statewide. Credo’s population has grown to 250 students in 2016-17 and will grow to 600 students by 2024.


SOMO Village: This December, Credo will realize a long-held dream and move to a permanent campus, in Rohnert Park’s SOMO Village, a model 1900-home community that will demonstrate how to limit resource consumption to a sustainable level. SOMO Village designer One Planet Communities offers a comprehensive plan for us to live happily and comfortably within our means—and to show the rest of the world how to do so. Having our Credo students attend high school within North America’s model sustainable community will inspire them to adopt and disseminate One Planet values.


OUR ASK: Our immediate goal is to raise $3M this fall to convert existing industrial space into the world’s first One Planet school—and we have already achieved 1/3 of this goal. This is a tremendous opportunity for Credo High, putting us in the world spotlight as innovators and leaders acting on behalf of a sustainable future. Please support us in this vision!


Please send your tax-deductible donations to:

Credo High School

1290 Southwest Boulevard

Rohnert Park, CA 94928


In the memo line please write “New Campus Campaign.” We can accept gifts of stock as well as cash, and Credo can receive gifts of low-basis, appreciated stock. Your tax advisor can explain the great tax benefits of this form of donation. To discuss a particular donation, please contact Credo board member Kelly Hennessy: kahennessy@earthlink.net or 707-536-6214.


Thank you!



(your name)


Here are some links:




https://vimeo.com/17122542/  (Oston Fasel’s stunning 2016 Credo graduation speech)