Service Learning

Giving back to their communities enriches students' experiences and prepares them to make valuable contributions throughout their lives. Service learning is required each year and is built into our curriculum. Each May, our ninth through eleventh graders spend the mornings of a week taking required standardized tests. In the afternoons that week, students are expected to perform 20 hours of community service. Ninth graders work on campus, and have during this time developed our school gardens, built our pond and done various maintenance projects, like painting or carpeting the Assembly Room.

Tenth and eleventh graders are coached to identify a nonprofit organization in their home town where they can volunteer four hours each afternoon during service week.

Twelfth graders spend eighteen days in May living in another community performing volunteer work. These communities could include Waldorf schools, Camphill communities for the developmentally disabled, Native American communities, farms, etc. Host communities are thoroughly vetted by Credo administrators to ensure appropriateness and student safety. Students may occasionally go in pairs, but it is preferred that Credo students go solo so that they can experience themselves without prejudice as effective, caring and competent individuals contributing to in a new environment.