Our K-8 Partner Schools

Our immediate region is home to six K-8 public Waldorf schools (links below). Credo students come from all of these schools, also from River Oak Charter School in Ukiah, California, and from the following private Waldorf schools in the Bay Area: Penninsula Waldorf School, Marin Waldorf School, East Bay Waldorf School and Summerfield Waldorf School.

Live Oak Charter School

Our mission at Live Oak is to educate the whole child: head, hands and heart. We call this a “renaissance education” and we accomplish it by:

Creating and maintaining a dynamic learning environment, inspired by Waldorf education, that is developmentally appropriate to the growing child's needs and that helps our students become self-motivated, lifelong learners;

Cultivating a deep appreciation of diversity and providing the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes our children will need to successfully to meet the demands of a multi-cultural society and the challenges facing our earth's bio-diversity;

Developing a “compassionate campus” culture that teaches self-awareness, mutual respect and social competencies that help children navigate the passages of adolescence. www.liveoakcharter.org

Novato Charter School

The Novato Charter School is an educational community that is committed to the healthy growth and development of the whole child. Through a curriculum inspired by Waldorf methods, our teachers nurture the imagination in the early years, building a foundation for abstract thinking, gradually and appropriately challenging the intellect through out the grades. This philosophy places equal emphasis on a solid academic program, artistic expression, social development and attention to the inner life and natural rhythms of the child. www.novatocharterschool.org

Sebastopol Independent Charter School

Founded in 1995, the Sebastopol Charter School is a public charter school using the Waldorf Curriculum.  We now serve more than 260 children in two kindergartens and grades one through eight.  The teachers are Waldorf trained and hold state credentials as well.  The charter school allows children from familes of all economic levels to enjoy access to the Waldorf-inspired curriculum, otherwise available only in costly private schools.  www.sebastopol-charter.org

Stone Bridge School

The Stone Bridge School is a community of families and teachers using Waldorf-inspired teaching methods to nourish and educate our children. We recognize and benefit from the character, vitality, history and diversity of the Napa Valley, and in turn, offer an alternative educational choice. http://www.stonebridgeschool.org 

SunRidge Charter School

SunRidge is a school of the Twin Hills Union School District, located in Sonoma County just outside of the small town of Sebastopol, California. Our school uses Waldorf methods and curriculum and serves over 200 students in grades K-8. www.sunridgeschool.org

Woodland Star Charter School

Woodland Star Charter School is an independent K-8 charter school in Sonoma, California, founded in 2000 by parents and teachers. Embracing the Waldorf instructional method, Woodland Star addresses the whole child, framing rigorous academics in an artistic, creative and multi-sensory curriculum. Our method follows a developmental model that respects the nature of children and how they best learn. A play-based, half-day Kindergarten resists the cultural imperative for “more-better-faster,” allowing young children to enjoy the wonder of childhood through imaginative play. www.woodlandstarschool.org 

archery at Live Oak Charter
kindergarten at Woodland Star Charter School
Lantern Walk at SunRidge Charter School
Sebastopol Charter School orchestra
dragon parade at Stone Bridge School
field trip at Novato Charter School