Music Education

At Credo, every student studies music for two 90-minute periods per week. In addition to deepening self-expression and developing facility and competence in music, participation in our music ensembles builds collaboration skills and develops social harmony.

Each year, students choose a year-long music class. They have four options:

  • Credo Chamber Orchestra, for students who come to Credo already playing a classical instrument. Taught by Richard Loheydem, PhD.
  • American Music Ensemble, for students who play any instrument. This course focuses on music by American composers and includes folk, jazz, blues and rock and roll. Students may play electric instruments. Taught by Eddie Guthman.
  • Credo Choir, for all students. Taught by Margaret Starr.
  • World Percussion Ensemble, for any student, focuses on African, Brazilian and Cuban drumming. Taught by Kim Atkinson.

Each music ensemble performs two concerts each year. Credo musicians also perform at the annual Waldorf at Weill concerts each February at Sonoma State University's Green Music Center. Our American Music Ensemble performs locally in cafes, clubs and private venues and headlines our annual spring Block Party.