Global Opportunities

World Language

English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic are the most-spoken languages worldwide. We are keenly aware that facility with one or more languages other than English will be a great advantage to our students as they become adults in the world. Therefore Credo students are required to take four years of world language.  In 2015-16 we offer Spanish I thorugh Spanish V and Mandarin I; as we continue to grow we will gradually add more languages, including Arabic. Students must take three years of one language, which is preferred by colleges, and then may continue with that language or take a different language in their fourth year.

Foreign Exchange

Credo welcomes exchange students from other countries, and has so far hosted students from Germany, Spain and Pakistan. Credo students have studied abroad in Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina and Turkey. Due to visa constraints, exchanges usually last about three months. It is easier and preferable for Credo students to arrange exchanges with students from other Waldorf schools so that learning is consistent with what they experience at Credo.  Our school receives frequent requests from international students wanting to study at Credo, and we are often looking for families to house these students. Foreign exchanges are fairly individualized. We are happy to work with families to afford this opportunity to our students.

Summer Trips

Each summer to date, Credo has partnered with a Sebastopol-based nonprofit, Global Student Embassy (GSE), to offer service trips to Central and South America. Students on GSE trips build and develop school gardens in order to improve nutrition and self-sufficiency in host communities. These trips are extracurricular and fee based, but GSE does work with California students on fundraising projects to help with expenses. Learn more at