Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I apply to Credo High School?

A: If you will plan to enter in 2017-18, you should contact the school immediately.  Please contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Jodi Boyle, at 707-664-0600 x 4 or email her at Students interested in enrolling in 2017-2018 may begin the application process now.

Q: When is my application due?

A: For immediate admissions--apply now. For 2018-17, we have monthly application deadlines beginning December 7, 2017.   

Q: How many students will there be?

A: There are about 350 students in 2017-18. We expect to grow by about 50-100 students per year.

Q: Are there sports?

A: Yes. Credo participates in the North Coast Section of the California Interscholastic Federation sports league, playing against similar-sized high schools.
We have girls and boys soccer, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball and boys baseball. All students participate in Thursday intramural sports, including soccer, flag football, basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and baseball. Go Credo Gryphons!

Q: What is an enrollment lottery?

A: Credo assures equal access to enrollment by using a random application lottery. Our CPA conducts monthly enrollment lotteries beginning December 7, 2017. 

Q: Will I need a computer?

A: Yes. It will be helpful for students to have access to a home computer that they can use daily when needed for assignments. Internet access and a printer as well!

Q: What is unique about Waldorf high school curriculum?

A: Please see the About and Program buttons of this website.

Q: How well are Credo graduates prepared for college?

A: Exceptionally well-prepared. In addition to delivering a comprehensive public Waldorf high school education, Credo places all students on a college prep track (similar to an honors track at mainstream high schools). Our intention is that all graduates will have met the admission requirements for the Univerisity of California, known as the "a-g" requirements. Of our graduates to date, 94% met the "a-g" requirements, vs. only 43% of public high school graduates statewide. Specific college acceptances are listed on for "For Colleges" secion of our website.