In general, it has been the approach of Credo developers, administration and faculty to allow student interest to drive extracurricular activities. After-school clubs and activities are generally developed by students who have the interest, drive and commitment to make things happen. A student wanting to create a club must secure the interest of other students and then persuade a faculty member to serve as sponsor for the club. Credo Clubs have included Eco Council, Poetry Club, Drama Club, Debate Club and Terpsicore Dance Club. Student initiative for clubs is ongoing.

Student Council

Each spring, elections are held for a slate of student council positions, including President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. The Student Council meets twice a month during lunch and oversees Credo social life, planning fall Spirit Week, an annual battle of the bands, dances and other social events. The Student Council also makes program recommendations to the faculty and administration and advocates with the administration on behalf of student interests.


In addition to theater productions that occur within the curriculum, Credo also produces extracurricular musical theater each year. Past productions have included You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, School House Rock; and now, Credo produces an annual winter production of Scrooge's Christmas.

Club Credo

Club Credo is a student-operated nightclub business that originated in the Financial Literacy class of 2012. Club Credo student employees book professional musicians and comics for quarterly performances open to teens and parents. Club Credo staff does the marketing, set-up, sound and lighting, and prepares and serves refreshments to club patrons. Proceeds are shared with the school and compensation is paid to student workers. Local bands, like The Highway Poets, and comics like Michael Pritchard, Bob Sarlatte and Geof Bolt are Club Credo performers. Each fall, Club Credo presents a Poetry Slam, with performances of original poems by Credo tenth graders culminating their Morning Lesson Block in Poetics.

Service Learning

In grades nine through eleven, Credo students have a community service requirement of 20 hours per year. In twelfth grade, this is increased to 100 hours. For a week each May, students take standardized tests in the morning and then spend 15-20 hours in community service throughout the rest of the week. Ninth graders work on campus, and have developed our Credo gardens, constructed our pond, re-carpeted our assembly room, etc. Tenth and eleventh graders are coached in their Social Sustainability classes to find a nonprofit in their home community where they can volunteer 15-20 hours during this week. Twelfth graders, who no longer take standardized state assessments, spend three weeks in May in community service, living in a community away from the familiarity of home. The result is often that they are seen in a new way and therefore see themselves differently, too—hopefully as competent, valuable and contributing young adults ready to find their next place in the world.