Eleventh Grade

Educate the powers of analysis through deeper, more individualized study.

  • New depths in the inner life of thoughts, feelings and deeds arise. Existential questions may come. Students feel called to find their own paths in life.

  • Students investigate the invisible through subjects that draw them into areas not accessible to the senses. This requires developing a new confidence in abstract thinking.

  • In literature, this journey is captured in the study of Parzival and the Grail legends. In chemistry, students study the development of the periodic table—an insight based on intuition, and in physics, the invisible world of the atom and of electricity. In Projective Geometry, the meeting point of parallel lines at infinity can be thought, but never reached in the world of the senses.

  • The objective is to strengthen analytical and abstract thinking: Why are things this way? Why did the events of history take this course? Even deeper questions—those of destiny, purpose in life, and social responsibility—also find their way into the classroom.

Credo eleventh graders begin the school day at 8:40 with a 45-minute daily math period and a 45-minute music period (M, W, F) and a 45-minute movementr period (T, Th). The eleventh grade 90-minute Morning Lesson period begins at 10:25. There are nine four-week-long Morning Lesson Blocks in each academic year.  In eleventh grade, the nine blocks are:

  1. Roman and Medieval History
  2. The Renaissance
  3. History through Music
  4. Projective Geometry
  5. Parzival 
  6. Biology: Botany (lab science)
  7. Chemistry: Elements and Matter (lab science)
  8. Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (lab science)
  9. Environmental Science: Astronomy (lab science)

Beyond Morning Lesson, all eleventh graders also study:

  • one trimester of Social Studies: US Government
  • one trimester of English: Shakespeare and Romanticism
  • one trimester of science: Advanced Lab I
  • three trimesters of Spanish or Mandarin
  • three trimesters of Algebra II or Precalculus/Trigonometry
  • three trimesters of Music (Orchestra, Choir, American Music or World Percussion)
  • three trimesters of Art (six weeks each of Acrylic Painting, Silkscreening, Developing Capacities, Creative Writing, Literary Journal and Farming)
  • three trimesters of Social Sustainability
  • three half-trimesters of Personal Sustainability
  • three trimesters of PE (three one-hour periods per week)