College Preparation

In addressing our students as prospective leaders of the future, Credo's developers determined that a very high percentage of graduates are likely to attend a four-year university. We therefore made Credo's graduation standards exceed application requirements for the University of California (U.C.) and California State University (C.S.U.) systems.

U.C. has developed what is called their "a-g" list, using the alphabet to track the required number of courses in different content areas. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better to have course credit recognized by the universities. By graduation, all Credo students (with the exception of some special education students) will have met these "a-g" requirements. This is a very high standard--statewide, only 30% of public high school students attain this goal.

The Credo faculty has submitted detailed course descriptions, and has won approval of our course offerings from U.C.

How Learning Is Organized

The table below highlights Credo’s core developmental intention through each of the four years:

Ninth Grade Tenth Grade

Eleventh Grade

Twelfth Grade
Educate the powers of observation through a study of polarities. Educate the powers of comparison through a study of processes.

Educate the powers of analysis through deeper, more individualized study.

Educate the powers of synthesis.


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