Career Education: Livelihood!

On Thursdays, Credo offers an all-school assembly where we invite adults to come and speak to our students about their careers. This speaker series, called Livelihood!, exposes students to about 140 different speakers over their four years at Credo. Our intention is to demystify job titles and introduce students to a wide variety of occupational choices. Each speaker is asked to explain his/her job, describe what it looks like on a daily basis, explain what he/she loves about it and what he/she might not like so much, offer the range of compensation for jobs in this field, and describe the path that got him/her from high school to her current position.


Speakers have included small business entrepreneurs, chefs, the provost from Sonoma State, an undercover police detective, an orthopedic surgeon, artists, farmers, a journalist, a psychotherapist, a rock star, university professors, movie consultants, filmmakers, writers, a university president, an astrophysicist, nonprofit executives, an animal rights activist, an architect, a construction cost estimator, a speech pathologist, a stone mason, a mindfulness educator, a mortician, an art curator, a clean power executive and a state assemblyman, among many others.